#Law Reform
us citizens
United States of America

December 13, 2005

I am in the u.s. army. When i was stationed Hawaii, i ran in on my wife fooling around on me. I instantly went into shock and flipped out and to my deepest regret i kicked her. I was arrested shortly after this and was convicted with assault in the 3rd degree.

Well congress passed a law, known as the lautenberg amendment and now i am being kicked out of the military. This law is to prevent domestic violence but it is also hurting people who make a mistake in a certain situation they get in, and now i cant handle a firearm.

I believe that this Act should be overturned and believe it is affecting more innocent people than people who are true criminals.

Please sign this petition, so that innocent people who make simple mistakes are not being punished for the rest of their lives. Overturn the Lautenberg Amendment.

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