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Dec. 24th 2002 Lacy Peterson disappeared and her husband Scott Peterson seemed to become the main focus of MPD investigation. Scott became a suspect in her disappearance and as other leads were out there to be followed the MPD ignored them and hammered Scott Peterson for days harrassing him and eventually after his wife and unborn son washed up from the bay, they arrested Scott because he was fishing the same day she disappeared.

This whole investigation has been a farce and unfair, the Detective in this case lied and deleted information out of his reports that could have cleared Scotts name, also several people who saw Lacy the morning of the 24th who came forward were ignored and or were not able to testify because the MPD didnt follow procedure and made their testimony unaddmissable in court.

Also after arresting him he went to trial and thru the duration of this trial, the judge had removed 3 jurors from the panel and when Defense asked for a mistrial it was denied, and when a juror was found exchanging information with a bartender,nothing was done to re-hear this case and or cause a mistrial.

This whole trial has been media based and was never fair to the defendant. All evidence was circumstantial and this man recieved the death penalty.this is injustice and we will work until his verdict is overturned or all charges dismissed for lack of evidence and lack of integrity on the MPD.

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