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I have been working with the Missing and Unidentified for the last 9 years and well aware of this crisis.The last statistics are 100,000 active missing persons and 40,000 to 60,000 human remains.

Many of these remains are in unmarked graves with no name or laying in coroners or medical offices.There are many,many others out here waiting to be found and get their names back.Daily people are disappearing everyday and many are homicide victims. Many of their killers are still out here repeating crimes and taking more lives. Human remains are being found often when someone stumbles upon them. The statistics change as more go missing and some are being found.This is in every State in America.

I am in full support of Billy's Law-The Help Find the Missing Act
(H.R. 1300 and S.R. 702)

... Billy's Law would link two existing databases maintained by the Department of Justice:
1.FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and,
2.Department of Justice’s National Missing Person and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).

We want Justice for all the victims and to stop protecting the criminals. Help the families to find their loved ones and provide training and funds and support for them.

Changes in Law is needed and when someone kills a child, woman or man they should go to prison without any opportunity to be let out for good behavior as some get out and repeat the same crime after being released. More children will be killed if we do not put these child pedophiles away for good.

Serial killers lock them up and Domestic Violence needs to stop and these killers need to be locked up also.If you agree with me and want to see change please sign my petition and thank you so much.

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