Jenji Kohan - OITNB Creator

Hey guys!,

We have written up this petition in hope that the OITNB team will create a video game!

A game where you can choose a character or even create your own
Create your own story in the style of GTA5 where you are able to run freely around New York completely tasks and committing crimes, even go on crime sprees!

Run from the police! but if caught you'll be placed in Litchfield where your character will have to struggle and learn the in's and out's of prison life, battle it out with Pornstashe, Make friends and enemies with other inmates, go to your assigned prison jobs and even catch the CHICKEN!!

You can choose to wait out your sentence if you do so you're freed back in New York
But if you are a rebel you can always attempt to escape whether it be by digging a tunnel, try to be smuggled out or even attempt to have a secret affair with a corrupt guard!
If you are successful in escaping Litchfield watch your back you never know when the police may grab you and throw you back in, not to mention a extended sentence and some time in the SHU

Also it would be amazing if this game had an online option where you can hang with fellow OITNB fans committing crimes, chat and even if you're lucky be bunked together just make sure you can trust them enough though to have your back!

So if you Would love to see this Video game come to life please SIGN and SHARE this petition!

we are hoping for thousands of signatures to really make a movement! Wouldn't you just love to have an interactive OITNB experience?! i know i would!

This petition will be sent to OITNB Creator- Jenji Kohan and other related OITNB departments who can make this game a reality!

Thank you for your time Xx

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