#Residential Disputes
Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors
United States of America

This petition is intended to allow affected citizens of Spotsylvania County to respond with their concern over the impacts of a proposed rezoning of the properties at 10300 and 10310 Courthouse Road. These properties are currently zoned as low density residential (R-1). The proposal by the developer is to rezone these aforementioned properties to PDH-16, which will allow for high density housing on the site.

The developer has communicated a plan to place 22 single family detached units, 18 single family attached villas, and 215 multifamily apartment units.

This plan will negatively impact the area surrounding the proposed project in the following ways:

1) Connection to Litchfield Drive in the Breckenridge neighborhood
- Reduced safety for residents and their children living in the neighborhood
- Significant increase in congestion at the Rt. 208 intersection with Breckenridge drive
- Adverse economic impact on the value of adjoining residential properties
- Negative environmental impact on the adjoining properties

2) Connection to Rt. 208 (Right-hand turn only)
- Significant increase of traffic levels on an already congested section of the road
- Significant use of the light at the Breckenridge Dr. intersection for dangerous legal U-turns in order to head east on Rt. 208

We, the citizens of Spotsylvania County, petition the County Board of Supervisors to reject the proposal to rezone Spotsylvania County Tax Parcel 35-A-8 and 35-A-9 to PDH-16.

We demand that the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors reject the rezoning, and retain the current R-1 zoning, of the aforementioned properties.

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