#Real Estate Variance
Delilah Fisher
United States of America

We are opposed to Susie & Gary Tuckers request for a variance on the 70954 Claire Lot # 7 they are buying for the following reasons:

1.We have concerns that the actual structure that will be built will not end up as originally planned and approved.This concern comes from what was originally proposed and ended up being a 4800 sq.ft. garage at 70885 Claire Dr.

2.If the variance is approved the Chicago families that own the lot next to them would expect the same variance. We would then have two homes that are too close together. We do not want Long and Coverdale lakes to end up like other local lakes with minimal side lots and too many homes.

3.Based on the recent front page advertisement in the Elkhart Truths Sunday Real Estate section of the proposed new home we have concerns of parking issues. Claire Drive is a narrow private drive with minimal extra parking.

4.We have safety concerns with the additional traffic this project will bring to Claire Drive.

We also need clarification on the 5' & 25' eastments requested and if they are measured from the foundation or the eaves.

We feel it is necessary for all of us to express how much we strongly oppose the Tucker's variance request. We believe that by approving there variance it will start a chain reaction throughout Long and Coverdale Lakes.

We are all concerned about the long term health of our lake community and do not want it over built. Zoning laws are in place for a reason and we ask that you disapprove the Tucker's variance request.

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