#Animal Welfare
Leader of Kingston Council, The Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames
United Kingdom

There is a demonstrable link between the supply of dogs in petshops and the puppyfarming industry with its attendant welfare concerns. The transportation of young puppies across large distances and the mixing of litters facilitates the spread of disease.

The use of poor breeding stock and the lack of transparency result in many buyers unwittingly acquiring dogs with inheritable diseases and/or temperamental problems.

We petition Kingston Council to adopt stringent licensing conditions for petshops to ensure that the sale of battery farmed and poorly bred puppies is not sanctioned by council licence.

We petition that Kingston Council follow the examples set by Wokingham and Swindon councils and, in particular, that licence requirements include:

Local Sourcing - puppies should be bought directly from the breeder and no further than 30 miles from the petshop location.

Health Testing - puppies and/or breeding stock must have all relevant health tests recommended by the British Veterinary Association and Kennel Club.

Traceability - all puppies be microchipped before sale, all breeding stock to be DNA profiled, breeders must be open to visits from prospective buyers.

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