David Cameron
United Kingdom

The ConDem coalition Government is biased towards Employers. So it comes as no surprise that the Government is proposing a new Employer’s Charter.
Some of the suggestions are reasonable. For example, encouraging parties to resolve disputes between themselves by requiring all claims to be lodged with Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) in the first instance to allow pre-claim conciliation including settlements to be offered and speeding up the tribunal process.

However buried in the detail is a proposal to increase the period an employee qualifies in most cases for Employment rights from one to two years. This means that unless you are in a specially protected class (racial, sexual etc.) you will not be able to bring a claim for unfair dismissal until you have been employed for two years.

Just to turn the screw tighter the Coalition is proposing that sacked employees provide a financial ‘bond’ before they can apply to a Tribunal. Many low paid workers struggle to make ends meet and they simply have no savings to be used in this regard. The very workers that are most vulnerable would be the ones unable to take their case forward!

The Solidarity Trade Union rejects these outrageous proposals and campaigns to resist their implementation.

I oppose the ConDem coalition proposal to increase the period of qualification for most employment rights to two years.

I also oppose the suggestion that employees should pay a 'bond' in order to bring an action at an Employment Tribunal. I regard these suggestion as favouring Employers at the expense of the legitimate rights of employees.

I authorise the Solidarity Trade Union to contact me about this and other campaigns.

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