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History on Jazz:

Jazz Jackrabbit filled a hole in PC gaming: The side-scrolling platformer. While the Sega Genesis got Sonic, and Nintendo had Mario, plus countless clones of each, the PC never really got games like that - until Jazz Jackrabbit came along. Jazz combined the speed of Sonic, the platforming of Mario, and the gun play of Contra into one really great game, and it was one of the games that helped transform Epic MegaGames (who would later go on to make Unreal and Unreal Tournament) into what they are today.

Jazz Jackrabbit 3D was to be the third installment of this popular series, built on the Unreal '99 engine. Unfortunately, despite Jazz Jackrabbit 2 being a critical success, it was not a very profitable game to make, and Epic had a tough time finding a publisher for Jazz 3. In May 2000, the game was officially unrealesed.

Please to all fans of the series of Jazz Jackrabbit, to sign this petition, forcing them to end up at Epic Games to the completion of Jazz Jackrabbit 3D.
If we join all of them, we can contribute to the final publication of the third episode, making him hit the shelves of games stores around the world.

Thanks to everyone who helped me in the petition, but above all a special thanks to all you fans of the series I wished, including myself, see in the shops, the third episode of this series! ...and I hope this has served to get a great result.

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