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Ellen Degeneres (The Ellen Degeneres Show) / Warner Brothers Entertainment
United States of America

Ellen Degeneres has millions of fans worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of fans in Minnesota. She last visited Minnesota in 2011, and during her short visit, spread the message of love, kindness, equality and understanding that she is so well known for.

We, as Minnesotans need her special blend of support, acceptance and equality, now, more than ever, as we stride forward in the victory for marriage equality. What better way to support this, than to have Ellen visit our great state!

We, the Ellen Degeneres Fans of Minnesota, are petitioning for Ellen to come to Minnesota for ONE WEEK of recording The Ellen Degeneres Show.

During her visit, Ellen can visit landmarks (MOA, SPAM Museum / Hormel, 3M, General Mills, Lake Superior/Duluth, etc.), and have Minnesota-born celebrities as guests (Andrew Zimmern, Josh Hartnett, Sean William Scott, Prince, Louie Anderson, etc.)

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