#Local Government
Gloucester County Council
United Kingdom

The 351 (Tewkesbury ~ Gloucester ~ Tewkesbury) Bus Service has, like many Local Government subsidised services, been severly cut back in frequency and the route. Recent changes (August 2019) mean that the route does not now go where tha majority of users want or need. Gloucester County Council have said (verbally) that the revised route is to meet its requirements to serve one part of Gloucester City and "...there are political issues that have had to be overcome." This decision has come about to satisfy the Council to the detrement of users, the Council needs to be reminded that it is a Servant of the Community, not the other way around. Users are petitioning the Council to return the route taken by the 351 Service as it was pre-August 2019.

We the undersigned call upon the Glouceter County Council to reinstate the route taken by the 351 (Tewkesbury ~ Gloucester ~ Tewkesbury) Bus Service to its pre-August 2019 status whereby it passes the southern side of the City, namely via Westgate Street, Bearland, Ladybellegate Street, Commercial Road, Parliament Street, Brunswick Raod, Clarence Street and Station Road to the Bus Terminus.

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