Ron Paul supporters/Jesse Ventura supporters and all american voters
United States of America

WE the American conservative and freedom loving voters are sick and tired of all the lies and corrupt politics that have been going on in this country for so long. We need and demand an honest Politician to be elected that has Americas best interests at heart and is willing to defend, honor, and uphold the United States Constitution regardless of the cost, or the general popularity.

We believe that based on the 20 year voting record of Dr. Ron Paul, and the Independent governorship of Jessie Ventura, that these two statesman would give us back honesty and virtue to the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of these United States.

We the undersigned do hereby agree to the following open letter's to both Dr. and Congressman Ron Paul and Former Governor Jesse Ventura.

We ask that both of you sit down and come to a determination if it is in the best interests of this nation for both of you to run an Independent campaign for the 44th Presidency and Vice Presidency of These United States of America in the election year of 2008.

Thank you both sincerely for reading the below letter and responding accordingly to the wishes and needs of all Americans.

Dear Dr. Paul,

I am writing this letter to thank you for all that you have given to me and for all that you have given to this country.

Until I discovered you at the start of this Presidential campaign, I had no idea that men of principles and integrity still worked in Washington. You sir, are a role model for me, my children, and my entire family.

We understand that you were reluctant to run this year and were surprised by the outpouring of all the support you received. Well, that just goes to show you two things. First, honesty is the best policy. And secondly, the time is right for the message. The people are sick and tired of all the lies, corruption, greed, loss of personal liberty and property, etc.

Even with all that you have done for us, I must ask if you would consider a third party run at the White House. I have seen numerous interviews where you were asked about a third party run, and you always said "no, I don't think so", or "I have no intentions of doing that". I know you had to say such things during the Republican Primaries or very few registered Republicans would be inclined to vote for you.

We the people of your Revolution will support you in whatever you decide, but we are desperate for change in this country.

And I personally believe the time is right for a 3rd party run with someone who has publicly stated his position on all the key issues, and his positions are almost identical to yours. You know that I am talking about Jesse Ventura.

All I can ask is that you talk to Jesse Ventura and then decide.
But, whatever you decide to do, I and the members of your Revolution are behind you 100 per cent.



Dear Governor. Ventura,

As you know Dr. Ron Paul has started a Revolution in this country for the restoration of the Constitution and our personal liberties. Dr. Paul has been a tireless crusader for limited government and limited taxes. Dr. Paul believes in the "Just war" theory and not the "Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive war. Ron Paul also wants to return this country to the use of "sound money".

As you know Ron Paul has stated all these positions this election year, but these are the same things he has been saying for the last 30 years. He is the real deal.

We have all seen you on the television interviews, espousing many if not all the same principles of Dr. Paul.

If you really want to make some changes in this country, then please won't you join our Revolution? Do you want to restore America to its former greatness? We believe that you do. We also believe that like Dr. Paul you are a man of integrity, principles and a great protector of truth and liberty in this nation. We believe that you, like him are the real deal.

You have said that you would run if you had ballot access, so I tell you this, if you join forces with Dr. Paul be it for a third party run or a joint Republican ticket, then the Revolution will ensure that you would have ballot access.

This year we have a chance to take our country back. Four years from now, we may well not have such and opportunity. Please won't you help us with that intention? All that I am asking is that you contact Ron Paul and talk about it. This is important.

Please, think about it.


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