Senate and House Republican Members
United States of America

Dear Republican Leadership,

Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States and has been for 150 days. He is President of the Deplorables, the forgotten men and women, the outcasts; but he is also the President of the Never Trump GOP faction, Hillary supporters, Bernie supporters, and those that proudly wear “Not My President”. It is time for our great nation to unite as Americans, no matter our political differences, and support the man duly elected to lead this country.

This letter is not to condemn you, but to plead with you to stand up and support our President. Some of you may have run against him in a hard fought primary, some of you may disagree with him on policies, and some of you may not like his personality; but he is our leader and he is the leader of your party. We are pleading with you to recognize what President Trump represents to his supporters, the millions of voters that cast a ballot for him in November. We are pleading with you to build bridges and surround him in prayer and support.

President Trump is truly the voice of those that voted for him. He recognizes that millions of us were no longer being heard by our elected officials in Washington, D.C. We were being cast aside and told to be quiet. What we believed in and what we wanted for our beautiful country made us sexist, racist, deplorable, and irredeemable. We are not those things! We are good, hard working Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life that love our nation, respect our flag, and the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. Casting aside the Fake News and false labels, you will see an extremely diverse group of people that just want equal rights under the law and patriotically fight for those rights through our service and participation in the electoral process.

Our electoral victory is more than just a victory for the man elected. It is a victory for the millions of people he represents. President Trump represents a large portion of the Republican party, as well as Independents and Democrats, who have been crying out for years “Enough is Enough”. Unfortunately, the last 150 days have been filled with attacks and attempts to remove the man representing us from office. We have not seen support from the Republican party. We have not seen unity and we certainly have not heard calls to stop the violent hateful rhetoric against our President and his supporters. We plead with you to recognize that these attacks on President Trump are attacks on all of us. We plead with you to recognize your weak support for President Trump is weak support for all of us.

Today, this very moment, it is time to put hurt feelings and differences aside. It is time to work with the man we elected and push forward our agenda. We want you to succeed in 2018; but we will not help you if you will not help us. You can help us by supporting our President. You can help us by working together to pass legislation that represents the America First Policies. You can help us by standing up and being loud when injustices are being committed against the man representing us. You can help us by acknowledging there is an attempt to delegitimize the President and do something about it.

Be loud and make a stand. Support our President and therefore support us and we will fight for you, as we have fought for President Trump. Please do not let our voices be silenced again.


American Patriots

We, the undersigned, call on the House and Senate Republican Members to unite as a party and support Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States.

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