#Family & Friends
Dorothy Huskill, Senator, Florida, Govern Rick Scott, Florida
United States of America

We, the citizens of the great state of Florida, recognize that many of its citizens and those born in the state are adopted.

We also recognize that freedom of information, with all regards given to government secrets, is essential in keeping one's health at optimum, and adopted children do not have access to such records.

We recognize the age of adulthood as 18 Years, and the statute of limitations for many things, plus the 70 year delay in Census information data.

We do not deserve to be kept ignorant of our family and its past.

Therefore, we, the undersigned of Florida, or friends, family, and adopted people, request that the laws of Florida be changed to open adoption records not more than 30 years after such an adoption.

We request acknowledgement of our right to know about our families, and medical histories without unneeded delay or burden, and we request access by the adoptee and the family of the adoptee or adopted to their original birth certificates and adoption records.

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