對象: 漁農自然護理署 AFCD
Hong Kong

背景 (序言)

香港漁農自然護理署 (AFCD) 限制旅野單車使用郊野公園山徑, 於1000km山徑中, 只開放極少比例予騎單車人仕。

該等單車徑於開放使用後, 多年來並無因應騎單車人仕數量持續上升而增加。

騎山地車人仕都明白安全的重要性並具有責任感, 他們只希望像其他郊野公園使用者一般, 可以無障礙地進入山徑網絡, 享用香港廣闊的郊野設施。

The Agriculture and Fisheries Conservation Dept. (AFCD) has restricted mountain biking to a very small fraction of the >1000km of Country Park trails in Hong Kong.

It has not expanded the trail network for many years while the number of mountain bikers has increased substantially.

Mountain Bikers are responsible and safety conscious people who would like to enjoy the same unfettered access to all of Hong Kong's extensive trail network that hikers and runners enjoy.


我們, 下方簽署, 要求漁農自然護理署開放全港山徑予山地單車活動。

We, the undersigned, call on the AFCD to Open ALL Country Park trails to Mountain Biking.

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