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We have realized that there are no laws to protect an animal when it has been wrongfully treated, misdiagnosed or cared for under a Veterinarian's supervision or treatment. Animals are considered property and not actual a living part of a family, even though they are.

We have an absolute responsibility to protect these animals and make sure that they are safe at all costs. The goal is to establish into law a Bill that will protect animals under this law from misdiagnose or treatment in every veterinarian clinic or private practice in the United States, starting with New York State, first. We want the State to adopt Claurice's Law.

We the People of New York State are signing this petition for the safety to animals and pets across the state. That they would be protected under Claurice's Law.

This is not another Animal Rights Coalition or another extremist trying to simply be heard. This is a direct plan to Adopt a Bill strictly to allow animals real rights under the Laws of the State. Right now there are no real laws that truly protect an animal from cruelty, neglect or even malpractice, from veterinarians which by the way is one of the biggest problems yet!

Help support this bill and sign the petition - for animals have ONE VOICE!

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