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Gambling belongs in the casinos. With the proliferation of video lottery terminals in our local bars and restaurants, ordinary citizens (including seniors and teenagers) are casually attracted to them and become addicted.

I am one such person and I have seen many other people who hate their availability but can't stay away.

If these machines were in the casinos, I believe that many people would have an easier time to stop playing them and many others who have not yet started will not be tempted and will be saved from a devastating addiction.

In order to save many of our friends, family members, neighbours and acquaintances from the devastating effects of compulsive (also known as "pathological") gambling, we, the undersigned, respectfully petition and request that all video lottery terminals be removed from our neighbourhoods and communities.

We believe that they should be relocated to the casinos where they rightfully belong and agree that their removal would greatly help to lessen the number of people whose lives have been harmed or destroyed due to their present availability.

We believe that if these machines were not so easily accessible many innocent citizens (teenagers as well as adults) would not become involved in a pastime which all too often leads to loss of control and an addiction which can become as harmful and as deadly as heroin.

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