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Creative New Zealand /New Zealand Arts Council
New Zealand

Airbrushing has never been recognised as an art form since the airbrush was developed and used for the purposes of art on many different mediums.

The purpose of this petition is to get airbrush painting , whether it be fine art on canvas or airbrushing on vehicles etc regognised as a genuine art form by the New Zealand Arts Council as they don't recognise it as such yet.

As the Airbrush fraternity did in Australia with their arts council and were successful , we in New Zealand are trying to do the same so as to get equality in the art field in New Zealand.

We the undersigned call on the New Zealand Arts Council to recogonise Airbrushed Art as an Art Form in New Zealand , by including the word "Airbrushing" within the Visual Arts Definition Policy.

The Officialy Recognise Airbrushing as an Art Form petition to Creative New Zealand /New Zealand Arts Council was written by New Zealand Airbrush Academy and is in the category Arts & Entertainment at GoPetition.