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OfferPal, an advertisement company frequently used by FaceBook applications has been consistently mis-leading FaceBook users, failing to credit them for their promised *rewards* in various FaceBook applications, and in essense collecting people's personal information, which can be sold for a profit, without consistently paying the applications, such as Fish Wrangler, so that the users of these applications can then, in turn, be credited their *virtual rewards* from the applications. This has been complained about by thousands of Offerpal participants over a period of time and yet OfferPal has made no effective effort to solve the problems they are having with running their business.

They are making money off of Facebook users, or the ad companies they are failing to properly screen or force to pay, and the FaceBook applications that rely on them to fund their sites, through the time and effort of the Facebook Members is going un-paid, and thus un-credited. Both the applications using Offerpal to advertise and the FaceBook members who have taken part in Offerpal offers and surveys have been scammed repeatedly, not only out of our time but out of our highly personal information.

We, the users of Facebook have completed OfferPal surveys and offers and have not been credited properly because of OfferPal's poor business practices.

We play a FaceBook application named Fish Wrangler and in exchange for giving our personal information and spending our time completing these offers we are supposed to be credited Red Love Chum, a virtual item used in the game that has monetary value in the sense that the only other way it can be aquired is through purchasing it directly from the site. OfferPal has more often than not scammed us and failed to credit us the *reward* for completing our end of the bargain and doing the surveys and offers in their entirety.

We are quite sure that since OfferPal is used on MANY FaceBook applications this is not limited to the Fish Wrangler application. We would all like to be credited our EARNED *rewards* for whatever application we filled out OfferPal surveys for. We intend to circulate this petition all over Facebook in every application that uses OfferPal and collectively make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau if this situation is not resolved. We think it is fraudulent business practice for OfferPal to collect our highly personal information and waste our time without properly either screening the ad companies OfferPal uses or taking the time to follow up and make sure that the ads that OfferPal publishes for us to complete pay Offerpal, and then go on to credit the Face Book application, so that we can be credited with the rewards we've earned.

Since money is involved, your business most certainly can be reported, and since FaceBook is a social networking site where you make your money, FaceBook is also where you can lose any potential money through the power of social networking. We'd prefer if you would get get your business in order and credit the users of FaceBook applications their rewards... This is being written specifically about the thousands of members of Fish Wrangler who have been scammed by your company, but we fully intend to circulate this petition to EVERY FaceBook application using OfferPal. In addition a Facebook Group called OfferPal Better Business Petition has been created so members of Facebook can all access the petition to send to the Better Business Bureau if necessary.

Please take our concerns seriously, as we have invested our time and given out personal information (which is now likely being sold in lists for money by third parties) and have done what you have asked of us in regards to the surveys and offers. We feel it is long overdue that you as a company take responsibilty for your own business and stop scamming people!

Fish Wrangler players and other Face Book application users who have completed OfferPal surverys or offers and NOT been credited for them.

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