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Residents of Combe Down and Bath
United Kingdom

Gammon’s Yard site (also known as Ralph Allen Yard) is on the corner between Combe Road and Rock Hall Lane. The development includes the erection of the Mining Interpretation Centre and 9 dwellings.
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While we favour an appropriate Stone Mines Interpretation Centre our concerns with this development are the following:

• The development has an adverse impact on the character and appearance of the Conservation Area and listed buildings (circled red above) that immediately surround it. At 3 storeys high with flat roofs, it is of a scale that dwarfs existing development. This and the materials do not relate well to the surroundings and feel of Combe Down in a World Heritage City.

• It constitutes “overdevelopment” - 9 homes (8 houses and 1 flat) in a very small area.

We the undersigned favour the principle of an appropriate Stone Mines Interpretation Centre but call on B&NES Council to reject the current proposed development scheme on the Gammon Yard Site in Rock Hall Lane because of the adverse impact on the Conservation Area and because it constitutes overdevelopment of the site.

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