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Portsmouth City Council
United Kingdom

It has been proposed by Portsmouth City Council to introduce a residential parking scheme in the following roads: ANGERSTEIN ROAD, CARDIFF ROAD, KING EDWARD CRESCENT, LONDON AVENUE, MONMOUTH ROAD, NELSON AVENUE, NORTH END AVENUE, NORTH END GROVE, STAMSHAW ROAD, WEYMOUTH ROAD.

The anticipation of costs are as follows: The first resident permit is free to all residents with a vehicle. The second resident permit costs £50 and additional permits, if approved, cost £100 each.

The first business permit costs £100. The second business permit costs £200 and additional permits, if approved, cost £300each.

Permits for visitors can be purchased for 24 hours, or 4 or 7 consecutive days, costing £1.50, £5 and £9 respectively.

Initially the second resident permit was £25 but increased to £50 in February this year at the Council Budget review.Unfortunately the residents are unable to oppose this increase.

I am starting this petition to formally voice to the council the weight of opposition to this proposal. I feel strongly that the council have enough schemes in place to generate money from us, such as road tax, parking fines etc and I feel this an example of a generic scheme being put into place without any substantial thought or consideration of the residents, and feel emphasis and effort should be put on improving the substandard public transport system in the city instead of creating a new tax for the residents.

I also feel that as the Council often promotes the city as a great place to visit, I think it is ridiculous to further charge friends and relatives when they want to do just that.

Please see parkingforum@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

We the undersigned call upon the City Council to abolish the residential parking scheme as outlined in the above text.

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