#Local Government
The Speaker, The Mayor, Randfontein Municipality
South Africa

The Agricultural Holdings, Vleikop, Rikasrus, Dennydale and Blaauwbank are located on a underground aquifer. (An aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock, rock fractures or unconsolidated materials (gravel, sand, or silt) from which groundwater can be extracted using a water well).

The mentioned aquifer, known as the Oberholzer aquifer, provide abundant fresh water for the area for household as well as agricultural usage.

Therefore it is with concern that the residents noticed that a water pipeline is being installed in the mentioned area by Rand Water (contractor) on the instruction of Randfontein Municipality.

It is a waste to install many kilometers of water pipelines at high costs to the taxpayers and to supply expensive municipal water, which is partially imported from Lesotho, when abundant fresh groundwater is available from +- 15 meter below the surface of the mentioned properties.

The residents of the mentioned agricultural holdings can not afford to pay for unwanted, expensive municipal provided water for home usage. Neither can the high costs (and unreliability of supply) of municipal water enable residents to produce affordable food and other agricultural products. That will render the agricultural holdings' intended usage, obsolete.

The residents have not yet been consulted or informed about the pipeline.

No environmental impact assessment has been done that the residents are aware of.

The taxpayers money can be better utilized by subsidizing individual holding owners to drill boreholes into the aquifer and extract the water with solar driven water pumps.

We the undersigned residents of the Agricultural Holdings at Vleikop, Rikasrus, Dennydale and Blaauwbank, object to the water pipeline that is installed by Randfontein Municipality.

The planned water pipeline (and municipal water) is unnecessary, unwarranted and unaffordable.

We hereby demand that the water pipeline project be stopped with immediate effect.

Failing to stop the project will result in litigation against the accountable officials.

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