Grahamstown Foundation
South Africa

The Grahamstown Foundation is seeking to change the name of the iconic 1820 Settlers' Monument. They claim the name is alienating and are seeking proposals for a new name.
The name honours the memory of the 4000 men, women and children who came to South Africa, often from poverty-stricken backgrounds, to start a new life, and contributed to the development of press freedom, freedom of expression and liberal democracy in South Africa. The principles embodied by these Settlers are ones that we as South Africans should be proud of and should celebrate.
The Grahamstown Foundation now seeks to erase their memory from the public consciousness by removing their name from the only eponymous structure built to honour their memory.
This act, should it proceed, is a gross injustice and at odds with the spirit of inclusivity enshrined in the South African constitution.

We, the undersigned, petition the Grahamstown Foundation to retain the name of the 1820 Settlers Monument.

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The Objection to proposed name change of the 1820 Settlers Monument petition to Grahamstown Foundation was written by Justin Bradfield and is in the category Culture at GoPetition.