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Bolton Council
United Kingdom

The proposed development of the 'Old School house' and cark park areas will have devastating effect on the local community.

The proposed erection of five three storey town houses along Lea Gate will not be in keeping with the village and conservation area. The local businesses will be adversely affected as parking for the Conservative Club and Church Garden Fisheries will no longer be available at this site.

Neighbours on Leagate will no longer have parking available to them. Trees have been earmarked for felling...this is supposed to be a conservation area!! You cannot have a satellite dish, but proposals for three storey houses made from stone, Timber and metal window frames may go ahead.

Please sign the petition if you are opposed to this development.

We do agree that the 'Old School House' is an eyesore and does need a facelift, however building more new houses in an already congested area will have a devastating impact on the local residents, businesses and wildlife.

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