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Honourable Andrew Cripps MP, Whitsunday Regional Council.

Whitsunday Regional Council are proposing changes to laws - ‘Commercial use of public land and reserves’ allowing council to issue permits for commercial operators to set up in parks and reserves, year round, seasonally, temporary and mobile, for a fee to trade throughout the Whitsundays.

For more information see - ‘Commercial use of public land and reserves’. www.whitsunday.qld.gov.au website under ‘Community’ tab and ‘Community Engagement’ and ‘Commercial use of Parks and Reserves. http://www.whitsunday.qld.gov.au/commercial-use-of-parks-reserves.

Council comments closed 18/10/13 however, we hope there will be enough of an outcry to at least consider the public, however, this is a petition to State and Federal government.

I object to a trial of these changes, I do not believe there has been sufficient consultation, and most importantly, the majority of residents and businesses do not even know these changes are on the table.

This is the greatest betrayal and the worst insult to businesses in the Whitsundays – after Major street upgrades, Cyclones, floods, Global recession, High Aussie dollar, and downturn in mining – to take people to the parks, gardens and reserves to shop, buy food, have massages etc.. is outrageous.

To believe most existing businesses would have the need, time or staff to trade in Parks and gardens is absurd.

I object to Council changing the Law and creating extra commercial opportunities to the detriment of existing rate-paying owners, tenants, and business operators in the Whitsundays.

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