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As of now, if you reside in NC and are recieving family assistance from the Dept of Social Services and have an order for Child Support, it is handled though a "Case Worker" instead of an attorney. If the parent whom is ordered to pay, doesn't pay and falls in arrears, IF a warrent IS issued, it is a "Civil Warrent" making it unable for the Law enforcement to know anything about the warrant.

DeadBeat parents can get stopped for a traffic violation and never have to worry about getting caught for their support issues. The only thing they might have to worry about is the custodial parent getting an address on them. Here we are told "You find him/ her and we will pick them up."

We, the sudersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to change the Law concerning ALL non-payment of Child Support issues from a Civil Offence to a Criminal Ofence so that our Children are better served.If not siporting you children is Criminal is some states for some people(as it very well should be), it should be in Every state for Every one in the United States no matter if their is a private attorney or a case worker handling your case.

The United States needs to have a system that works for our Children and NOT for the Dead Beat Parents who hide to escape their parental duties. If we don't speak up from our children, no one will.

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