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Noctua a hardware manufacturer of CPU coolers has provided its customers with excellent cooling technology since 2005. The only problem is that all of their fans have a creme brown finish (trademark company colors).

When looking upon their CPU coolers (and fans) in conjunction with today's market trend of black and blue motherboard designs, one can quickly see an uncomfortable (to the eye) aesthetic disposition. No matter how one looks upon the brown and creme design it is often left to wonder if these colors should even have a place in today's desktops.

Dear Noctua, we the loyal consumers (and other) request through this petition that you kindly add more consumer aesthetic choice to your CPU/device cooling fans.

As much as we love the brown and creme 70's look we believe that other color choices should be available. By signing this petition we unite in this cause.

In conclusion down with the brown!

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