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School District of Osceola
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I believe that we, the students of Osceola County , should not have a dress code. I've heard many excuses of why we should have uniform such as "kids are being bullied because they can not afford name brand clothes that others have." or "certain clothes are distracting." I feel that making us buy a colored polo is not really changing the issue of so called "bullying" because either way it goes , not everyone's budget is the same and the only thing different is the colored polo's. I also do not understand how my clothes could be distracting to another student. High Schools grades aren't the best because, i feel, teachers are too focused on every student being in the right attire and less worried about the child"s grade. There are many students who get into trouble because of uniform and have to deal with the consequences of in school suspension. This is taking away a students learning time because of ripped jeans or the wrong shirt. Osceola is the only county in central with a dress code and if other county's function without a uniform I believe that we can also.


We the community of Osceola county target the school district of Osceola for the removal of school uniform.

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