#City & Town Planning
Elsick Development Company
United Kingdom

Elsick Development Company have announced that they need to plan a Travellers' Site in Newtonhill to meet their obligations to build Chapelton of Elsick.

Putting a Travellers Site in Newtonhill is the cheapest option and has the added benefit that Chapelton of Elsick will not have a Travellers Site in its boundaries.

We, the undersigned, call on Elsick Development Company to plan the Travellers Site within Chapelton of Elsick to meet the planning obligations and provide this amenity to the travelling community.

We do not accept a Travellers Site within Newtonhill.

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The No Travellers' Site in Newtonhill petition to Elsick Development Company was written by Torcuill Torrance and is in the category City & Town Planning at GoPetition.