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Big Yellow Self Storage want to construct a five-storey, 10,000 sq metre (approx) self-storage warehouse on 155 Lewisham Way. Existing businesses were not consulted and will either close or be forced out of Lewisham. It will result in the loss of at least 30 jobs.

No to Yellowsham

The architecture is unsympathetic and sits opposite a listed building and conservation area. If it is built it will blight the area for decades. There are already 11 storage companies within a 2-mile radius, nobody in Lewisham needs another one.

If it is built it will blight the area for decades. The first application was unanimously thrown out by Lewisham Councillors, but now Big Yellow are demanding a Public Inquiry and we need to make the Planning Inspectorate fully aware of local feeling by the 5th November. Please sign this petition.

We, the undersigned, call on the Planning Inspectorate to listen to the views of local residents and businesses and uphold Lewisham Council's refusal of planning permission for a Big Yellow warehouse facility at 155 Lewisham Way.

We also object to any further proposals for a Big Yellow or any other storage facility on this site and would like any new development to preserve jobs and benefit the people of Lewisham.

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