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Japan, a candidate of the 2020 Summer Olympics, is a exclusivistic country, that continues contemptful demonstrations.

In Tokyo, extremely aggressive demonstrations targeting Korea is being held. At these demonstrations, Japanese are using violent wordings such as "send the Koreans to gas chambers," and "let's hang Koreans." Japan's demonstrations are no different from the ones held by the Nazis.

The bigger problem is that even when the demonstrators resort to violence and social disorder, the Japanese police are doing nothing to restrain these behaviors. Rather, they are protecting the demonstrators. This is because the violent demonstrators have ties to the Yakuza, violent criminal organizations. Moreover, the media is heavily influenced by the parties related to the violent demonstrations. This implies that Japan's extreme rightist politicians are involved as well.

Some may think that these demonstrators are only a small part of Japan. In contrary to this belief, most Japanese believe that they are victims of a nuclear bomb, rather than that they are past war criminal nation. Instead of repenting for their past war crimes, they are denying their crimes against comfort women, and invasions. Germany, a war crime nation during WWII just as Japan is very different.

Moreover, Japan is creating territorial disputes with neighboring nations, and is attempting to regress back to past militarism.

I believe Japan's exclusivism, racist demonstration, and distorting the past history will in the long run drag the reviving Japanese economy. I want to notify to Japan that they are making a huge mistake.

The Japanese government must procure legal remedy against racist demonstrations, and give a sincere apology to the comfort women. They must recognize that distorting the past history is a very disgraceful act. And they must stop all acts of greed, such as creating territorial disputes.

Now that you know what kind of country Japan is, do you still think that Japan is a suitable nation to host the 2020 Summer Olympics? Japan should not be the host of the Olympics.

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