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No to increase of University fees to £80,000 in mainland U.K. and £60,000 in Northern Ireland.

Middle-class students face bills of £80,000 to go to university in the biggest shake-up of higher education funding for half a century.

They will bear the brunt of drastic cuts to university budgets through a triple whammy of higher tuition fees, costlier student loans and restricted access to grants.

At present, tuition fees are capped at £3,290 a year, and student loans to cover these charges and living costs are paid back at very low interest rates.

But fees are set to rise to take the cost of a three-year degree to £30,000 from as early as 2012, while increasing rates on loans could add a further £20,000 in interest payments. Living costs of about £30,000 would take the total to £80,000.

Universities would be required to use a proportion of their additional fee income to prevent the poorest youngsters being deterred from higher education, in what amounts to a significant levy on the middle-classes to subsidise those on low incomes.

The reforms could see tens of thousands continuing to make repayments well into their 40s.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1318987/80-000-degree-higher-fees-dearer-loans-fewer-grants-make-cost-university-soar.html

We, the undersigned, ask Houses of Parliament to reconsider proposals to increase University fees.

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