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On December 4, 2012 at City Hall at 6:00 pm, Community Committee will decided whether or not to alter the current zoning at 946 Corydon Ave. in order to permit a Harvey's drive-thru there. We, the residents, are concerned about the safety of adding a drive-thru to this already busy corner.

What you can do to stop the drive-thru:

1. Sign our petition below;

2. Attend the meeting, register to speak, and express your reasons for opposing the drive-thru.

3. write a letter to the councillors on the committee (Jenny Gerbasi, John Orlikow and Harvey Smith) expressing your opposition to the drive-thru. You can email your letter or bring it to the meeting.

No to Drive-thru at 946 Corydon

Current zoning does not permit a drive-thru at 946 Corydon and we, the undersigned, believe that altering the zoning to allow a busy drive-thru would increase the safety hazards of our already extremely hectic and dangerous corner.

In addition to an increasing volume of cars and much adult foot traffic, many children who attend St. Ignatius, Laverendrye and Kelvin schools must cross at this corner to get to and from school. The recent addition of the Tim Horton’s across the street has made the corner all the more chaotic, clogged and difficult for pedestrians to safely cross.

We encourage and support a development at 946 Corydon that maintains both the safety and the pedestrian character of our neighborhood. We do not feel that a drive-thru meets these conditions and therefore we oppose amending the zoning to permit a drive through at 946 Corydon.

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