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Quote from BBC Sport website follows;

"The Premier League is looking into the possibility of teams playing a 39th game in their season - abroad.

The one-off round of games could take place after the weekend of the third round of the FA Cup in January.

Several destinations - US, south-east Asia and Dubai - could be interested in staging Premier League games, such is the demand for English football around the globe.

The points won in these one-off games would count towards teams' end-of-season totals, meaning they could be the difference between winning and losing the title and staying up or suffering relegation."

Clearly this adds a potentially unfair and fundamentally wrong element to the main league concept of equality whereby each team plays each other twice (home & away).

There are so many other negative factors which I'm sure anyone with any common sense can see so I won't patronise you with a list of them, but have provided internet URL's of some relevant websites at the end of the description.

Below is a quote from Malcolm Clarke, co-chairman of the Football Supporters' Federation

"I challenge the Premier League to abandon this proposal if it turns out that the majority of supporters are opposed to it and that would be my confident prediction."

Let's help make it so; by signing this petition...

If you haven't already done so, or remain to be convinced, I'd urge you to visit the website listed above and some of the links from there for more info, opinion, & debate!!

We, the undersigned, declare our dissatisfaction with the English Premier League's intention for selected competitive league matches to be played abroad each season.

We hereby demand the unconditional and complete retraction of the aforementioned proposal by the English Premier League organisation.

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