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The Sunday Trading Act of 1994 allows Sunday to be a working day for many people. However, it treats Easter Sunday differently and prevents large stores from opening on this day. Only Christmas Day is treated in the same fashion. These two days are the most important festivals in the Christian faith, and are also at the heart of national holiday periods.

The Premier League only seems to have got half the message that Easter Sunday and Christmas Day are special days and different from the rest of the year. It doesn't schedule matches on Christmas Day, but does do so on Easter Sunday.

Twice in recent years (2006 and this year, 2009) the residents of Aston have had their Easter Sunday disrupted by lunchtime fixtures - hence the origin of this petition in Aston.

Christians coming out to celebrate the festival which is at the heart of their faith at churches near to the grounds have to battle past thousands of football fans. Some have been unable to get to church because roads have been closed due to the volume of fans. Often the elderly or infirm, who make a special effort to attend church on Easter Sunday, are placed at risk due to the crowds.

Security and other staff who normally work in or outside the grounds may wish to celebrate Easter with their families (as the Sunday Trading Act envisaged), but face pressure as the day is treated as a normal match day.

The Premier League is responsible for setting fixtures and can choose to keep Easter Sunday free from Premier League football alongside Christmas Day.

We, the undersigned, call on the Premier League to recognise the significance of Easter Sunday alongside Christmas Day within the national life of England and not to schedule Premier League fixtures on either of these days.

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