Scottish Government

Forth Energy plan to build a huge biomass power station in Leith, about a mile from the centre of Edinburgh, a world heritage site.

Forth Energy stand to make millions of pounds in public subsidies. But this giant incinerator would be situated just 200 metres from local housing, with a 120m high chimney, burning millions of tonnes of imported wood 24/7 and generating increased lorry traffic in an already congested and polluted area.

On our website www.noleithbiomass.org.uk we outline our objections and provide evidence from research articles showing that cutting down trees and transporting them across the world in order to burn them, is far from 'green', sustainable, or truly renewable.

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We, the undersigned, call on Scottish Government to refuse approval of Forth Energy's proposal to build a huge biomass power station in Leith. It is out of step with other plans for the area, and raises serious concerns locally about health and environmental impact.

We request a moratorium on all large scale biomass construction in Scotland until independent scientific research clarifies the full impact of such plants.

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