#Children's Rights
Annapolis Valley Regional School Board

The Annapolis Valley Regional School Board is setting up the district-wide collapse of the entire French Immersion program by insisting on a minimum enrollment of 25 students in each french immersion primary class, as well as late immersion classes, with no exceptions made, this number has to be met by April 1st, 2009.

This puts all programs in this historic Acadian community in jeopardy, including junior and high school immersion programs. If a primary class fails to run then teachers in higher grades may feel their jobs are insecure and abandon the program.

Margo Tait, AVRSB superintendent, has stated that even if the province delivers the budget the AVRSB is asking for, they will still proceed with their plan to shut down immersion programs that don't strictly meet the administrative procedure guidelines despite the fact that the board has not followed this AP for the last 15 years.

We ask the AVRSB to immediately rescind their decision to insist on a minimum of 25 enrolled in primary French & Late Immersion programs and to hold public consultations with parents to find solutions to budget and enrollment issues.

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