#Local Government
Utica Village Counsel
United States of America

From information received from Mt.Vernon News on May 10th 2011.

Article states that the Village of Utica is trying to pass Vehicle Tax of fifteen dollars ($15.00) to be added to all licensed vehicles to any person who carries a Utica or a 43080 mailing address.

We the undersigned request that the Village of Utica City Counsel refrain from passing a tax on Vehicles in the village or on those who have a mailing address of 43080.

We the undersigned believe this to be a punishment for voting the proposed tax down in the May election.

This vehicle tax will affect business as well as residents of the Village of Utica.

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The No Taxation without Representation petition to Utica Village Counsel was written by Durbin W Conrad and is in the category Local Government at GoPetition.