#Health, Safety and Tourism
Madison Indiana Zoning Board, Common Council and Mayor
United States of America

We are the residents of Madison, Indiana. We are writing to petition against the location of the Suboxone clinic in our historic district.

Groups: Recover Together, in collaboration with The Clearinghouse, is planning on placing a drug rehabilitation facility within the center of our tourism, historic district and residential community. This center will allow the dispensing of prescription medications to aid with various types of narcotic dependency. By leasing space at The Clearinghouse, 100 East Second Street, Groups will place drug dependent individuals in a residential area, within one block of a children's park/playground, across the street from Madison's largest public festival and event location and our riverfront. This clinic would also be close to Girls, Inc, and across the street from a retired living facility. In addition, a clinic that prescribes medication for drug treatment and/or pain management would be in direct violation of the Madison Pain Management Clinic Ordinance number 2016-20, enacted December 6, 2016, and therefore is not a permitted use inside this facility.

We understand and agree with providing resources to patients struggling with narcotic dependency. However, the presence of this facility will undoubtedly attract illegal prescription drug trafficking and sales of illegal drugs, physical altercations, loitering in areas surrounding the clinic and increased crimes to this residential and tourist area. Not only will our safety be at jeopardy and property assessments decline, but the surrounding businesses, and eventually the area, will also diminish. Therefore, this drug rehabilitation center should not be located in the Madison Historic District.

We, the local residents, are urging you to prevent the Groups drug rehabilitation center from locating in our community.

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