#City & Town Planning
Bethany, CT
United States of America

A new homeowner in Bethany is seeking a permit to install an outdoor wood-burning furnace with a 55-foot smoke stack in his backyard to heat his house. The smoke stack would be in operation approximately every day for 6 months a year (during cold weather) creating hazy, particle-filled smoke.

Concerns about an Outdoor Furnace/Smoke Stack Installation:
• Just 2000 feet from the Amity Middle School!
• About a mile from the Bethany Elementary School!
• Health threat for the respiratory systems of children and seniors
• In a neighborhood of children and seniors
• Smoke stacks and air pollution don’t enhance the rural character of the town
Did you buy your home to live next door to a smoke stack? How about across the street? Or down the road? Or near your children’s school?

Sign the petition to tell the town we need an ordinance to protect the health of our children, seniors, and the rural character of Bethany – no new permits to install outdoor wood-burning furnaces and smoke stacks within a 1-mile radius of any school in Bethany.

Note: the proposed ordinance affects only the installation of outdoor wood-burning furnaces – NOT wood stoves, pellet stoves, outdoor fire pits or barbecues. Additionally, surrounding towns already have ordinances against outdoor wood-burning furnaces. Let’s join them.

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