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The School of International Studies is planning on changing its class schedule for next semester. This has cuased some concerns and discomfort among the students due to the fact that the class schedules have changed from last year and they are becoming acustom to the new schedule that has been already in affect.

Also the period numbers will be changed, elminating period 5, and elminating a number designated for students advisory periods. Teh schedule will consist of, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with period 1, connections, 2, lunch, 3, and 4. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there will be periods 1-4 and no connections.

Students do not want this to go into effect by next semester, instead, they rather have it go into affect next school year.

By signing this petition, you agree to keep the class schedule as it is currently for the next semester, till next year, when it will then be altered.

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