Indian Government

In India there are many instances of violence happened by religion.

Before the Aryans "No Hindu in India
Before the British "No Christ in India
Before the rule of Islam 'No Islam in India
as well as other religions.

In many foreign countries there is an option for NO RELIGION when filling out the forms, which is really good. Indians must have an option NO RELIGION for people to choose. Because the choice and decision for the religion should be left to everyone. A government or a parent has no right to choose the religion of others.

An ancient and golden literature 'THIRUKKURAL' written 3000 years ago with a well developed Tamil language. It teaches the lifestyle of all people in the world. This book does not teach about GOD or religion. There are some texts that may depict like GOD but not really. In ancient times GOD represents the kings of the land.

So we are the people who want to be people without religion.
Please support, dear friends, and save our nation.

NO RELIGION in INDIA - Religion makes humans into animals. We should have the right to have NO RELIGION in India. Religion is our right to choose or not.

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