Australian Government

Now that the world is heating up due to Global Warming, the Australian government has to turn to a new source of energy, as coal is a major player in the Greenhouse Effect.

Instead of taking the obvious choice, like wind or solar power, the government has gone to nuclear power.

Nuclear power is dirty and dangerous. If something went wrong, the results would be catastrophic. On top of all that, NO scientist in the WORLD has discovered a safe way to get rid of nuclear waste.
Wind and solar power are more environmentally friendly, and more effective.

To Australian Citizens,
Please forward this petition to as many people as you can. As you all know, the 2007 elections are upon us, and we need to let the government know that we don't support nuclear power!

We, the undersigned, demand the Australian Government not use nuclear power, as it is the wrong answer to Climate Change.

The Australian population will not stand for nuclear power in our country.

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