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Gas-powered cars and trucks are the biggest source of carbon emissions and air pollution in Washington state. These emissions are warming our planet and contributing to catastrophic weather events, including the wildfires throughout the west coast. They are polluting the air for all of us and disproportionately harming communities near busy roads and freight corridors - often low-income and communities of color.

Coltura and a broad coalition of organizations are advocating for a policy that would require all cars and light-duty trucks manufactured in 2030 or later be electric in order to be registered in Washington state, a change that would end the sale of new gasoline-powered cars. Setting a 2030 end date for sales of new fossil fuel vehicles will allow utilities, automakers, governments, workplaces, landlords, businesses and drivers to prepare for a smooth transition to clean electric vehicles.

This policy will send a message that the transition to clean electric vehicles has strong support in the state of Washington. It will accelerate investment in vehicle electrification in Washington. It will disincentivize coastal oil drilling and investment in oil pipeline infrastructure, and move billions of dollars from foreign oil to local electricity.

We, the undersigned, call on Washington State legislators to protect our health, safety, and environment by passing legislation requiring that all new cars and trucks sold in Washington state be electric by 2030.

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