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The Capture

Every year, boats leave the harbour. They chase pods of dolphins by banging large poles that are placed in the water, making loud noise to scare the dolphins. Working as a team, they herd the dolphins into a small coves, and then proceed to brutally spear and harpoon many of the animals. They continue until the cries of the dying have faded, and then begin to load their precious cargo, while the water swims with blood.

But what will happen to the survivors?

While the dead are sold for as little as $500 per dolphin, others, usually the ‘pretty looking young females’ are chosen by marine parks for dolphinaria and swim with dolphin ventures all over the world for as much as $150,000.

Similar events happen in the Caribbean, the Solomon Islands and off the coast of Turkey and Russia. Pods are herded into the shallows, some die during the process, other die from the trauma during transit or shortly after capture. Russia still give an annual quota for the capture of ocras, however the last known capture was In 2003.

The Captivity

So why is it wrong to keep these animals?

First and foremost, they aren’t ours to keep. Whales and dolphins are not domesticated animals in any sense, and play a vital role in the circle of life of the ocean. They are designed and born to roam the oceans.

It’s dangerous. Many diseases are easily passed on from humans to Dolphins, the most serious being windpipe infections. These diseases are made worse, because in captivity the dolphins’ immune systems are compromised.

The whale and dolphin conservation society says that captive whales and dolphins must be treated continuously with antibiotics, and that without them they would last no more than a couple of days. Their stress in captivity erodes their immune system, making them susceptible to infection and parasites. How would you feel if you watched your whole family die before your eyes, and then were taken to what for all intense and purposes is a prison cell?

We as a species lack compassion and reason, and are lying to ourselves. When we visit these beautiful creatures, reduced to sad clowns, how many people think “I’m sure that tank’s not big enough… thought it looks a bit shallow.” Or, “That dolphin doesn’t seem to have much enthusiasm.”

We cannot claim to love and respect these beautiful animals, because in this environment they lose their majesty and mystery, as do so many other captive animals. They should be protected and treasured, and so allowed to remain free to wander their oceans, because the oceans belong to them.

I would like to credit Campaign Whale for some of the statistics.

Also a Huge thanks to the WDCS for helping me word this and giving me more information! Truly amazing people!

By signing this petition, I am agreeing that while captive whales and dolphins would be unsuitable to be released into the wild, no more whales or dolphins should be captured in the future for the purpose of human entertainment or scientific research.

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