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Local City Councillor (Leadman), Westfest Sponsors

Westfest is a problem for the residents of Westboro.

The music may end at 11 but the rowdiness does not.
11 pm on Sunday is too late for young students, some who start school at 8 am e.g. at Churchill Public.

High school students are in the middle of summatives and/or exams but find it difficult to study with the constant bass. Houses nearby shake with the bass.
The music is so loud it can be heard 10 blocks away.

People who drive to Westfest park on residential side streets that children normally play on. Did anyone have trouble getting in or out of their driveways?

Byron Avenue is dangerous during Westfest. Without access to Byron's path, pedestrians are forced to walk on Byron Ave (because it doesn't have a sidewalk).
Large trucks that service Westfest park on Byron. There isn't enough room for the cars and trucks parked on Byron, the cars, trucks and buses diverted from Richmond (closed for Westfest), normal traffic, Westfest traffic and the pedestrians diverted from the path.

There has to be a better venue for outdoor music than the Byron pathway.

Why would anyone think it is appropriate to build a stage for rock bands on a residential street, just metres away from family homes? (Would anyone on Byron, Golden or Brierwood like to estimate how close the stage is to their front door?)

People who live in other areas of the city feel sorry for Westboro residents during Westfest. Why? Because they'd hate to have it next to their front lawns.

Who benefits the most? The retailers. Councillor Leadman should appreciate that her constituents are the residents not the retailers.

Once Westfest is over we should tell the retailers who we buy from regularly that we don't support Westfest. After all the residents are the local retailers' "bread and butter".

We're not residents of the Glebe. The Ex has been located there for decades. People who live in the Glebe knew that and took it into consideration when they moved there. Most of us moved to Westboro before Westfest, and even more of us before its timing was changed to June (when many of us cannot escape).

10 pm Sunday - We should have the option of going to sleep if we need to but instead we are forced to listen to the guitar riffs and bass coming through our closed windows loud and clear. Why?

6:30 am Monday - A toddler who doesn't normally cry at this time of day has been wailing for at least 20 minutes. Poor little guy is probably overtired. No point in trying to get more sleep - last year the noise of dismantling Westfest started at 7 am.

Tuesday - Ahhh. Peace and quiet - except for the sounds of birds singing and children playing. Westboro is a place for us to live again.

Please sign this petition so that we can have some hope of maintaining the lifestyle and neighbourhood that attracted us to Westboro in the first place.

Don't be shy. Stand up for your neighbourhood.

As a minimum ask for much-needed changes such as shutting Westfest down at 6 pm on Sunday.

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We, the undersigned residents of Westboro and neighbouring areas, ask the City of Ottawa and all of the Westfest sponsors to stop supporting Westfest.

This event is detrimental to the safety and lifestyle of the residents of Westboro.

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