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No matter what is happening in our lives today, or in our past history, we should never touch or hurt a child in any way. In these turbulent times, more and more parents, in many cases, young couples or single parents, find their everyday lives overbearing and don't know what to do.

In many cases parents feel "overloaded" with too many priorities and not enough money or time. Unfortunately, all too often, we are bear witness to child abuse perpetuated by an unqualified caregiver or an otherwise loving parent who "snaps" when life becomes too much to handle.

I want to be absolutely clear that in NO instance is it "ok" to physically or emotionally abuse a child. In fact, I am one of a growing number of concerned parents fighting for "zero tolerance" legislation when any type of abuse occurs.

I pray for those who may be struggling in their lives and bear the responsibility of a caregiver for a child may reach-out for help before it is too late and another child may be harmed. As a Mother and Christian, God’s overwhelming love compels me to reach-out towards those in need of advice.
People learning the caregiver role may encounter similar situations. Unfortunately, some of those do not fully understand the actions/reactions of their infant dependant.

I. Babies and toddlers: When a baby or toddler cries out for their parents or other, they’re different types of cries which need to be understood by every parent or caregiver.

1. Pain
2. To speak out for the first time as a baby grows up
3. Wanting to be picked up, held (attention)
4. Diapers need changing
5. Hungry
6. Scared, frightened
7. Dropped something ex: bottle, toy, pacifier, etc.
8. They’ve been abused in any way.
All babies & children should be loved, cared, nurtured UN conditionally! They need all of their needs met!

II. Parenting class is really a great start! Everyone should attend if you have children!

1. It’s a Specific outline, which details the parent/toddler communication and the dos & don’ts of parenthood. Anything from A-Z you want to about how to take care of newborns, toddlers.
Finally, upon timely completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Every Child Needs A Dog In A Home Against Home invaders And Predators

No baby, toddler, child under the age of 16 should be left home alone or with a baby sitter under 17 years of age

Pools: Never leave any baby, toddler, or child a moment alone near pools or any body of water even for a split second! If your family has a pool or your child spends time at any home with a pool, it is essential to have a fence with a lock unaccessable to your child.

-Note: many manicipalities offer tax deductions for homeowners with minor children. Take advantage of it!

Number 1 rule of thumb is constant supervision of youngsters outside in any setting, regardless of how safe or unthreating the surroundings may appear.

The moment a baby learns to crawl, consistant supervision is an absolute must!

Hazard, Dangers:

1. Door locks must be out of reach of children, remember, they are creative builders, make sure the child cannot breach the lock through climbing or reaching.
2. Chemicals of any kind must be safely stoad in locked cabinets. Be wary of common soaps or any other substance that a child can consume.
3. ALWAYS Keep your firearms locked, unloaded, and safely stored away at all times. Be sure to keep ammunition locked-up seperately to further protect a potential tragedy.
4. silverwares or sharp objects should be locked , anotherwords if you are going to have a baby, your home needs to be very safe at all times with everything that could hurt or damage to a baby,toddler and child

Children under the age of 17 yrs. should not ever be left alone and anyone that comes in contact with your child, screen everyone, talk to your children, make them feel safe and not scared to confront you. Don't yell at the child, or ignore, Don't say "wait till later I am busy" listen to the child, inspect the moods, the fear, their heart & pulse rate when speaking to them. Believe them, Don't shun away, Investigate, Help, let the children know you love them & care for them.
You are their ROCK!
The children are YOURS and they need YOU!

Parents Wake Up and Be Responsible Role Model for your CHILDREN! YOU are all they HAVE! Voices UNheard/ Voices Misunderstood.

May the Lord guide and protect our children while we love, provde, and protect our most precious resoureces "OUR Children".

Together we stand united, "Enough is Enough"!

Please Stop! Hurting, touching, abusing in anyway babies or children. There are people that can help you: please reach for the phone and discuss your trials and tribulations which I am more than willing to help out in any way that I can. Don’t think that you are alone. You are not.

Our babies & Children are a "Gift From God" I would be happy to help answer any questions or concerns you have to help you take of care, love, nurture, understand "The Life and Love for OUR Children".

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