#Civil Rights
The People of the USA, President Barack Obama, U.S. Senate and House Leaders of Both Parties
United States of America

The United States is besieged with traffic infractions, breathalyzer tests, electronic voting, red light cameras, and many other devices that drastically shape the freedoms of society. Some of which cause financial hardships, loss of driving privileges, incarceration, and higher insurance rates.

There is no way to provide a competent defense against the mystical devices that are used to bring conviction and when proof of inaccuracy is given its automatically thrown out.

Manufacturers are allowed to keep the software, firmware, and hardware hidden from court due to intellectual property laws leaving the Government to institute an unspoken 'don't ask, wont tell' mentality by only mandating minimum requirements for automatic convictions. This removes opportunities for defenses to refute human-written source code written by non-government manufacturers. These devices are automatically presumed to be accurate by the court of law.

This isn't about getting out of citations or criminal charges, as some have come out stating. Its about the civil liberties being jeopardized, financial railroading placed on society, and how the government turns a blind-eye to the need for open-source devices.

Its about being able to understand the inner workings of the methods that were used by agencies to hold us accountable for breaking the law. All we ask is to prove to us that we have broke the law, don't stand behind some fancy box full of physics and say that the box told you we did something wrong without showing us how the calculations were performed.


I stand against the use of closed-source electronic equipment by all City, County, State, and Federal agencies.

I stand against the Federal government's refusal to enforce open-source standards for the equipment used in all areas of law and politics.

I support societies lone, brave fight to enforce the rule of law by passing new legislation required for competent defenses against mystical devices.

I reject any slander or aspersions against the People of the United States, that this is not about finding loopholes but rather promoting fair trial.

I call on the United States government to start doing its job according to the Constitution; Allowing us to confront the devices used in criminal, traffic, and political decisions.

United States should only approve devices where the manufacturers hold themselves to open-source standards.

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