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We the undersigned readers, weary of once again opening the morning papers to find but another gaggle of lead stories, photographs, and videos about the latest absurd activities and pronouncements of the current President of the United States; and being all fully cognizant of the media-grabbing, ratings-seeking, reality tv marketing PURPOSE behind such unstartling "news"...namely, absolutely FREE brand promotion; and tired of being played for fools by such obvious devices; and seeking as CONCERNED CITIZENS to read about GENUINELY VITAL NEWS assigned to the top headlines from responsible news publishers and their journalists, editors, and contributors...news about the more important (and perhaps invisible, while the media focuses on the shenanigans of the President of The United States) events and actions of federal, state, and local governments which are affecting us in our towns, cities, regions, country, and world, for example: What environmental, health, educational regulations are being changed, while the media focuses on "tweets"? How about families being torn apart in deportation? What is happening to our nation? Who and what is falling through the cracks, as the vital safety net that is our federal government, protected by THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, quietly erodes?


We the people hereby petition that:
The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA TODAY, CNN, NPR, and all of the RESPONSIBLE daily local, regional, and national news periodicals, IMMEDIATELY REFRAIN from front page headline reporting of the irresponsible &/or irrelevant headline-grabbing antics of the current President of the United States; and that such unimportant, uninteresting "news" be relegated respectively by each periodical to a weekly section, perhaps adjacent to the Obituaries, wherein a chronological list of the notable follies of the current President of the United States could be reported, without photographs, for those who might wish to be so entertained.

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