George Bush
United States of America

Come on! Help us.. We have freedom, but our rights to express ourselves are underestimated. Clothes express who we are everyday! We should be able to wear what we want to wear freely.

To us kids, What we wear is not just a statement, It tells about us, and most people are judged by the way they dress. Like you, Mr. President you like to wear ties, and suits, and no one tells you not to. Don't you think that the school is being a little too harsh. It's very discriminating to us! I don't think what we wear should affect eduacation-wise. We should be able to express ourselves in whatever we wear. If you don't agree with any words signers that agree with this petition sign, then please tell me why a dresscode has importance. anything can become a distraction, i play with my pencil! also, some families are too poor to afford new clothes, and welfare is barely anything. I hope you know where i'm trying to get too. come on people! Let's be ourselves, and be who we are! sign this petition for no more dresscodes!

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The NO MORE DRESSCODE! petition to George Bush was written by tereyn Santa Cruz and is in the category Education at GoPetition.